What track parents can expect for weekly track practice preparation


During the month of March, we will meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6pm-8pm for conditioning workouts at Rolesville High School. Starting in April, we move to Heritage High School for track workouts. These practices will run every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:15-8pm. We will still practice in light rain, when there is no lightning. The start of practice will be delayed when the weather is too hot. We will not run when it is below 50°F.

Shoes and Clothing

Your athlete needs to wear sweatpants over shorts for every practice, all season long. They should show up with a sweatshirt/hoodie as well. If they show up to practice in only shorts, they may not be allowed to participate. Lighter warm-up pants are suggested for the summer months. Unless the temperature is above 85°F, they should bring a jacket as well, or wear long sleeves. It is better for them to NOT wear 100% cotton shirts and shorts, because they retain moisture from sweat and promote chafing.

Running shoes are required. Do not have your athlete show up in crocs, basketball shoes, baseball or football cleats, or anything other than legitimate running shoes. Stay away from cheap shoes from department stores. Rolesville Lightning receives club discounts from some stores, typically about 10%. Contact us for details.

Once we start workouts on the track in April, runners should bring track spikes. Athletes will perform warmups, stretching, and drills in running shoes before changing into they “spike up.” If you are new to the team, we recommend a Middle-Distance Spike. Information about different types of spikes can be found here. USATF Rules require spikes to be less than 9mm. We recommend getting ¼” pyramid spikes. You can find plenty of options online (Amazon.com, Eastbay.com, FirstToTheFinish.com, RunningWarehouse.com, VSAthletics.com). We recommend that your athlete try on some spikes locally before buying online. Fleet Feet Sports offers a 15% discount for track clubs.

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